Check-Out Procedures

Check Out Procedures


All residents must complete the check-out process which includes turning in their keys when the resident vacates the room for winter or summer break.  In addition, if Residence Life and Housing is notified of any resident who is no longer enrolled in classes OR you withdraw from classes at UCCS while living on campus, you must check out within 48 hours of withdrawing. Keys may only be returned to the RA/UCCS Residence Life and Housing Staff member or via an express check-out envelope. Residence Life and Housing does not accept keys to be returned by mail. Any resident who fails to return keys will be billed the costs associated with a re-core of the suite/room.

  • To check out, the resident must make an appointment with the resident's RA at least 24 hours in advance of vacating so that the RA can inspect the resident's room or suite before the resident leaves.
  • The resident can satisfy this requirement only by checking out with the resident's RA unless the RA makes other approved arrangements beforehand with the resident.
  • The resident should prepare the resident's room for inspection BEFORE the RA arrives for the inspection appointment. 
  • The RA will meet with the resident at the designated time and review the Room Condition Report completed at check-in.
  • A Residence Life staff member will also inspect the room after the resident has vacated, document any additional damage, and finalize damage assessment and costs, which will be placed on the resident's University account or subtracted from the resident's deposit if the resident is not returning.