Residence Life Living Learning Community and Theme Community Goals and Vision Statements

Theme Floors

Theme Floors

Through participation in a themed community, a residential student should:
• Develop a greater understanding of their intended major, career choice, or interest area
• Gain greater and earlier knowledge of what resources and opportunities exist both inside and outside of the University
• Make connections with other students that share similar interests or aspirations, and begin to work together to achieve them
• Gain a greater understanding of how the residential life program enhances their academic success and future potential
• Programming for Theme communities will incorporate the overall Residence Life learning goals of Belonging, Individuality, Citizenship, and Growth, but are more specifically built upon the theme topic. While all residents of the community are invited to all Residence Life programs, programs for themed communities will be designed for this specific community in mind. Trips or larger events will be offered to themed community members first.

Programming may include:
• Special lectures or panel discussions by guest speakers and/or faculty
• Organized trips
• Group study nights
• On campus social activities
• Political issues affecting themed community future professionals (immigration and citizenship, same-sex marriage, public health issues)
• Networking with upperclassmen or alumni

*Note that not all theme floors and learning communities below may be available each year, as availability is determined based on demand by the March 15th priority date. Space is also limited for all theme floors and living learning communities.

Living Learning Community Opportunities
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Career Collective
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PGA Golf Management (PGM) Theme Floor
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