Television Work Order

Work Order

Television Work Order

  1. Troubleshoot your TV prior to submitting a Work Order
  2. Make sure your TV is hooked to the cable wall plate with a 'Good' jumper.
  3. RG6 or RG59 with clean fittings and wire is not kinked up
  4. Good connectors with the Stinger being straight and not bent or too long. Too long being 1/2 inch or more beyond the end of the connector.
  5. Be sure the TV is set to "Cable" and NOT on the OFF AIR setting.
  6. All TVs are different, but have the same ability to choose what type of feed it is to look for. Finding this in the MENU may or may not be difficult.

Nearly all TVs require the use of the remote to gain entry to the Menu screens. If you do not have the remote we may not be able to program your TV

When the "Cable" is chosen you can then AUTO PROGRAM the TV

Auto Programming will lock in the 50+ channels that are being provided to the apartments and residence halls

TVs can also set channels individually in the same Menu.

Either way you decide to do this the end result should be your ability to view the 50+ channels via your channel up and channel down.


(Please hold down the control key to make multiple selections)
If the problem ends up being something within your room, do we have permission to enter?: