Executive Board

Executive Board

Executive Board

RHA Executive Board 2022-2023


President: Shadia Itangishaka

The President presides over all RHA meetings, supervises programming, oversees marketing and recruitment, and attends regional and national conferences on behalf of the Pike’s Peak Chapter of RHA. 

Vice President : Nik Stammer

The Vice President supports the President in keeping order in RHA meetings, assumes the responsibilities of the President should the President be absent, and attends appointed campus partnership meetings on behalf of the Pike’s Peak Chapter of RHA.  

National Communications Coordinator: Vacant

The National Communications Coordinator (NCC) assists the RHA Advisor with regional affiliation and updates the RHA delegation on all conference-related news and information. The NCC also assists with maintaining order in all RHA meetings and is expected to settle any meeting-related disputes regarding the constitution and bylaws. 

Executive Administrator: Robin Levisky

The Executive Administrator records all meeting minutes, sends out communications to the RHA delegation, keeps an accurate record of the budget and expenditures, and updates RHA social media accounts.

Treasurer:  Vacant

All RHA Executive Board members receive a $1000/semester pro-rated stipend for their time in the position. Interested in filling an open position? Please email RHA@uccs.edu for more information!