Housing Renewal

What is the Renewal and Room Selection Period?

Renewals and room selection are your opportunity to sign up for next academic year's housing (Fall 2024-Spring 2025).  

Current residents get priority in choosing their housing for the next academic year. You have the option of either choosing to stay exactly where you are currently assigned (if your room is eligible*) or selecting a new room. This includes residents in first-year housing who would like to live in the apartments next year. 

*If you reside in a room suite that is not eligible for renewal, you will receive an email from letting you know.

Renewal How-To Session(s)

Two renewal how-to sessions will be offered so that as many students as possible may participate. They will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, Feb. 28, and Thursday, Feb. 29, at 7 p.m. Use this Zoom link for these sessions. 

In general, returning residential students should follow these guidelines: 

  • The housing application for the next academic year will go live on the portal on December 1, 2023. 
  • Room Renewal and selection generally takes place during the first week of March. Apply for housing before then to be eligible to select a room for next academic year. 
  • Students who have re-applied for housing but have not participated in room self-selection will be assigned to a room on April 1. Self-selection is not required, but it is highly encouraged.

Room Renewal Period

Please complete your AY 24-25 housing application on or before March 1, 2024, so you can be assigned a renewal timeslot. You cannot receive permission to self-select a room unless you have an electronic application on file.

New Room Self-Selection

The room self-selection period is separated out and based on your seniority. If you want the same room for next year as you have this year, you will need to sign on to the application during your lottery time slot and select your new room space. Your lottery time will be assigned based on your status, as outlined below. 

If you want to select a new room for next year, the renewal timeline is broken down as follows: 

  1. Students with 60+ earned credit hours as of the end of Fall 2023 select first (March 4). 
  2. Students with 30-59 credit hours as of the end of Fall 2023 select second (March 5). 
  3. All other returning residents can select last (March 6-8). 

If you go through your room selection and decide you aren’t happy with the room you selected, you can opt to change your room during the room swap period (March 11-15, 2024). 

Students who reside in the apartments are not required to have a meal plan. If you desire to request a meal plan for next year, you can indicate this when you renew housing for an assignment in the apartments. Should you choose to stay in VAV or Summit, you will automatically receive an all-access meal plan included with your room rate. 

*Please note: the credit hours are based on completion at the end of Fall '23 semester

For questions, contact Angela Storck at 719-255-7549 or