Request a Meal Plan

Meal Plan

Request a Meal Plan

First-Year Housing (Summit Village and Village at Alpine Valley) residents are provided the Unlimited Meal Plan as a part of their total housing costs and do not need to request a meal plan. Please only submit a meal plan request if you live in the Alpine Village Apartments.


Meal Plan Options

Anytime, Unlimited Meal Plan
55 Meals + $250 Flex
75 Meals
30 Meals

The form below is submitted to staff in the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Once processed, the meal plan or Clyde’s Cash requested will be loaded onto your student ID card and charged to your student account. If you wish to pay directly with a credit card or other form of payment for Clyde’s Cash, please stop by the University Center Information Desk.

Please allow up to three business days for the request to take place and please be aware that this may take longer at the beginning of each semester due to high demand of meal plan requests.

Housing Students: to check to see if your meal plan has been added to your account please click here, or call housing at 719-255-4042.

Commuter Students: To request a meal plan, please click here to be directed to the Commuter meal plan request page.

Faculty/Staff: Please do not submit this form. Instead, contact the University Center front desk at 719-255-3450.