Fall 2023 Move-Out

Fall Move Out 2023 and Winter Break Information

With the end of the semester approaching, it's time to start planning for Winter Break. Please read below to find out your next steps leading up to the end of term.

For students who are leaving for winter break and returning in the Spring:

All 1st Year residence halls (Summit Village and Village at Alpine Valley) will close for Winter Break, and residents of these villages who do not request Winter Break housing (please see below if you wish to stay on campus for the break) are required to depart their halls by Friday, December 15, at 12:00 pm. If you have not departed your space by that time and have not completed a winter break stay form, you will be charged the full Winter Break fee. Your RA (Resident Assistant) will communicate full details of the winter break departure process in your closing floor meetings. Students who reside in the Alpine apartments (Antero, Crestone, and Shavano) do not have to leave for winter break, but you must be registered for spring courses by December 15th.

All Students: You do not need to completely move your items out of your space - you may leave belongings in your room over break since you will be returning to your same room for spring. The halls will be closed, and you will not have access to your room until you return on Sunday, January 14, 2024. If you need an early arrival in January due to an early term class, please email for more information.

Vacant Spaces in your Suite/Apartment: If you have a vacant bed or bedroom in your apartment, it is highly probable you will get a roommate. Please clear the empty side of shared rooms and ensure that communal areas are clean and welcoming for new residents.

You must turn in your keys before leaving for the break. Winter break key envelopes will be available at your community front desk. Once you turn in your keys you will not have access to your room again until you return in the spring.

Before you leave for break, remember to take care of the following:

  • Discard perishable food items and trash in outside dumpsters.
  • Bring any essentials with you such as travel documents, prescriptions, work uniforms, etc.
  • Close windows and blinds. If your window does not close properly, please submit a work order to have it fixed before you leave.
  • Set heat thermostats to 70 degrees or 3 and ensure that there is nothing blocking the heater in your room. Temperatures in the winter can get quite bitter and we want to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Personal electronics must be unplugged, and personal dorm fridges defrosted and emptied. (Do not disconnect university provided appliances)
  • You are encouraged to take home any items of value and bring any remaining items up off the floor of your room and onto a desk, dresser, or bed. In the event of a leak or flood during the winter break, this may help to protect your items.

For students who wish to stay on campus for part or all of Winter Break:

Students who reside in the Alpine Village Apartments ARE NOT required to leave for winter break. Your winter break rate is included in your cost of housing.

Any student residing in first year housing will need to submit a winter break stay request online form by Friday, December 8, 2023, at 5pm.

  • Once you are confirmed for Winter Break housing, you will receive further information regarding living on campus during the break.
  • The cost for Winter Break housing is $500 for the entire break (12:01 pm on December 17 through January 15), $125 per week (4-7 consecutive days), or $40 a day (1-3 consecutive days).
  • Students must be enrolled in Spring 2024 courses by Dec 15 to be approved to stay for winter break.

There will be no dining hall service during Winter Break, so you will be responsible for providing your own food during this time.

Important Notice regarding Mail and Packages:

  • UCCS mail services will not deliver resident mail Dec. 23 – Jan. 1 due to the campus closure. Delivery services will resume on January 2nd once UCCS reopens. Please send any important items to an alternative address during that time as you will be unable to receive things on campus. We recommend exploring options such as an Amazon locker, temporary PO box, etc., if necessary.

For students who are fully moving out and are NOT returning to Housing in the Spring:

You will need to complete a Housing Cancellation Form (students who will not be enrolled in UCCS spring courses) or a Petition to Terminate Housing Contract (students who will still be enrolled in courses at UCCS in the Spring but do not want to live in housing). If your cancellation or petition has been approved, please follow all checkout procedures outlined in your confirmation email.

There are two check-out methods:

  • Express Checkouts – can occur any time between December 8 - 15. December 13 – 15 this option is only available before 8am or after 10pm. Obtain an Express Checkout Envelope from the La Plata or Monarch Front Desks.
  • In-Person Checkouts – occurs December 13 - 14 from 8am-10pm, and December 15 from 8am – Noon. Advanced sign up is required for these appointments. Log into your UCCS Housing Portal, select “Appointments” and then select the day and time you would like to check-out. At your checkout time, wait in your room and a staff member will arrive to conduct it. Not having your space prepared at the time of check out will result in an improper check-out fee of $50. Appointment times cannot be changed, but if a change is necessary, please see your village’s front desk.


  • All students have signed an academic year housing contract (August – May) and may remain fully responsible for spring housing costs if they remain enrolled in spring UCCS courses and their petition is not approved.
  • If you are not sure if you are going to return to housing for spring, remove all your items from your residence hall room. Students who decide not to return to housing are charged if they have items in their room for up to 2 weeks or more of the spring term housing rate. Take all your items home if you are on the fence to avoid unnecessary charges. You can always bring them back!