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Resident FAQs

There is a lot to get used to when adjusting to your new home and we want to make sure you have all the information you need! Here are a number of frequently asked questions to help you navigate life on campus. You are always welcome to call your village front desk with anything that comes up! 

Summit Village - (719) 255-6288     |    Village at Alpine Valley - (719) 255-4042

General Resident Questions

Navigating Life on Campus
  • If it’s between 8am-5pm, you will need to come down to your village front desk to check-in. A Housing staff-person will meet you at the desk to escort you to your room. 

    If it's after 5pm, you will need to call the RA on-call. 
    Please note, the RA on-call numbers are for students currently living on campus onlyDo not call these numbers otherwise.

    If you have an emergency call UCCS Police: (719) 255-3111

    Residents must provide a valid ID to gain access to their room.  If a resident does not have an ID, the resident will be asked to verify the resident's Student ID# number and home phone number. 

  • Please submit a work order by clicking on the button below. Our maintenance team will respond with a solution as soon as possible - until the lock or key is fixed, a staff member will be able to let you into your room. 

  • First, check the lost & found at both village desks, the University Center, the library, and the Campus Police Department. It will cost $65 to replace your keys, so be sure it is truly missing.

    If you do not have any luck, please submit a work order so our team can get you a new key as soon as possible. 

  • Call your village front desk. We should be able to fix the problem over the phone. If the magnet strip is scratched or worn out, you may need to go to the University Center to have a new card printed. 

    Replacing your physical ID with a mobile ID is fast, easy, convenient, and absolutely free!

    • Your Mobile ID works everywhere on campus. Use your mobile ID for door access, Clyde's Cash and Commuter Meal Plan access
    • No Bad Hair Days! Upload your own photo through the app
    • Works with iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android Phone

    For more information regarding Mobile ID you can click here. Lion One Card

  • A loft kit raises your bed about six feet above the ground.  It gives you more floor space. Loft-kits come with a ladder, safety rail, and the additional pieces needed to raise it. The tools can be checked out at the Monarch/La Plata desk, or you can bring a 3/16 allen wrench (hex key) and a 1/2 inch socket wrench to loft the bed. 

    Loft Kits are available on move-in day. There is a limited amount, so they are available on a first come first serve basis. After move-in day, you will need to contact your RA to check availability. They will help you pick one up if we have any left! 


  • If your light goes out, a shelf breaks, or anything else needs repair, simply submit an online work order and our maintenance crew will help get things back to normal! Please note, the maintenance team's response is not immediate - they will be with you as soon as they can!  

  • UCCS OIT is here to help. Visit the OIT help page to chat, email, or call will your questions about internet service, UCCS accounts, and more.

  • UCCS policy ( prohibits modem use over phone lines as well as internet routers.  Each resident will have a data jack in each resident room to provide high-speed, direct connectivity to the campus system and internet. The residence halls are equipped with wireless internet. For set up information, please visit the IT website for directions

  • In order for them to work, please leave space between the radiant heater under your window. It you have any items blocking the heater, it will not work! 

  • The residence halls do not have air conditioning. We suggest that students bring fans to use in their rooms. We do not allow window air conditioners. 

  • We currently do not offer family housing. 

  • The housing facilities have equipment that residents may check out at the front desk of each village. RHA has provided DVD's to check out for resident use in resident rooms.  Items must be returned within 24 hours and in good condition. Failure to return checked-out items within this time frame will result in a fine of $25.00 per day, each day the equipment is late. The resident will be billed within 48 hours of the item being late. 

Resident Mail Questions

Packages, Letters, and More
  • Each resident village has a specific address. 
    You do not need to write the village, building, or suite. Make sure the first and last name is clearly written.

    • If you live in Summit Village:

      YOUR NAME and BOX#
      1010 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
      Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918.
    • If you live in the Village at Alpine Valley:

      YOUR NAME and BOX# 
      4725 Clyde Way
      Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918
  • UCCS Housing will send you an email notification if you have a package that has arrived at your village. All mail has to be sorted at the Campus Mail Office before it is delivered to the resident villages, so it may be on campus but not ready for you to pick up just yet. Watch for that email from UCCS Housing! 



  • Yes! We are happy to send things for you - however, all mail must already have paid postage in order for us to send it. You can easily print a pre-paid shipping label by searching any postal carrier (USP, USPS, FedEx, etc.) online. 

  • All residents have their own personal mailbox for letter mail. If you live in Summit Village, your mailbox is in the Monarch House. If you live in the Village at Alpine Valley, your mailbox is in the La Plata House. 

    If you have trouble opening your mailbox, just ask our Front Desk Assistant for help.

  • Yes! We will happily forward your letter mail for 30 days after you leave campus. You can submit a mail forwarding request using the button below.
    Please note: we cannot forward packages unless you email a pre-paid shipping label.

Room Assignments & Payment Info

Placement, Billing, ect.
  • UCCS Housing offers open room-change periods throughout the academic year. This is the best time to submit a request to switch locations around campus - no questions asked. Our office will notify residents prior to the open room-change periods with all the details you will need to know.

    If it is outside an open room-change period, you will first need to contact your RA to talk through your options. They are a great resource to help navigate roommate conflict or other concerns. Our office will be unable to offer a room-change unless you have met with the right individuals first.  

  • UCCS Housing hosts a "renewal fair" every spring so that you can renew your on-campus housing contract. This is a great way to ensure you request a room-type early on so that you are more likely to get the placement you want. 

    Our office will notify residents in early-to-mid spring with details about the renewal process, so keep an eye on your UCCS email.

  • If you live in the upper-class apartments, you have the option to select a meal plan. You can submit a request right on the UCCS Housing website - click the button below to look at meal plan options.

    At the beginning of each semester, you might be able to change your original meal plan if you haven't already used it. You can always add additional meals at any time! 

  • UCCS Housing includes your parking permit in the cost of your housing, so you do not need to spend anything extra to bring a car to campus. However, you still need to register your car with Parking and Transportation before you can park on campus. Make sure your car is registered by visiting the Parking Portal.

    Remember: your resident permit is only valid in the Alpine Parking Garage! You will be ticketed in other campus lots.